Cookie policy

We use cookies for certain areas of our website. Cookies are files that store information on your hard drive or browser that means our website can recognise that you have visited our website before. Don’t worry, we do not store information that can identify you personally, but we do store information that allows us to:

  • remember your preferences (such as language);
  • monitor the general performance of our visitors’ experience when on our website - this information then allows us to improve the usability of our website for you and all our other visitors;
  • store essential information to allow you to register and/or login to our site;
  • allow you to share any of our website’s pages with your social networks - but only if you explicitly choose to.

The possible cookies used are described below.

Cookies that are essential for us to allow you to login and to allow us to manage and monitor our website’s performance:

  • TribePad - this allows you to login to our social recruitment management platform.
  • X-Mapping-knecooom - this is used by our network systems to direct your traffic to the same servers.
  • PHPSESSID - this is used for some areas of session management and is essential.
  • laravel_session - this is used for some areas of session management and is essential.
  • youWantTheCookie  and youWantTheCookieShown - this simply allows us to remember whether you had cookies turned off or on for our site to help us keep as much functionality working as possible for you.
  • Google features for generating maps and CAPTCHA images
    • These cookies are used by Google to generate images for maps (to show you where our jobs are) or to generate a CAPTCHA images to help protect our site from “spambots”. Without these cookies we would not be able to register your account and you would not be able to see maps for each job.  Note that Google may vary their cookies for these services but they will be essential for ensuring the CAPTCHA and maps work.

None essential:

These are only turned on if you opted-in for non-essential cookies on our job search site.

Share pages with your social network Cookies:

  • (twitter) guest_id, k, _twitter_sess, original_referer
  • (facebook) datr, lu
  • (g+1) PREF, SID, HSID, SSID

Description These cookies are used by the social networks to allow you to share any of our pages with your network - however, nothing is shared without your explicit request to do so.